The Leader's Toolkit - 60+ No fluff, Actionable Manager Tools

Most managers fail because they lack the tools necessary to do their job properly

You're lucky if you have any training at all on how to manage people

"Here's your team, I expect you not to break things, oh and also I want results"...but where do you even start?

The things is you're smart and didn't get promoted unless someone believed in you and you did a good job in you individual contributor role

But there's no operating manual to run a team effectively!!

I've read the books, taken the courses and condensed my knowledge in an easy to use framework, saving you time and giving you the tools. I have then tested these tools in my day job, managing a team of IT consultants.

"Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is only potential power. Action is power." - Tony Robbins

  • Managers are time poor as they're managing a team and learning the ropes
  • Managing people is miles away from their original job

So what's inside?

  • Pre-baked formulae to deal with the most challenging management scenarios, including
    • Dealing with an under performer
    • Delegating tasks
    • Building trust in your team
    • Managing conflict
  • Step by step journey from setting the base to improving your team's performance
    1. Setting the Foundation
    2. Knowing your team
    3. Setting the Direction
    4. Resourcing & Collaboratiing
    5. Monitoring
    6. Continuous Improvement
    7. Communication
    8. Management Theory
  • Learn how to flawlessly conduct
    • 1:1s
    • Performance reviews
    • Monitoring progress without micromanaging
  • Books lead with management theories. We lead with actionable tools you can apply right away. Learn important management theories used by companies like Amazon, Google and Nestle
    • Disagree and commit
    • Jeff Bezos' decision framework
    • Servant Leadership
    • The micromanagement trap

  • Searchable format meaning you can dive into a certain topic straight away
I want this!
Easy to search
Save time and have the information you need at your fingertips. No more searching through books to find the most important information
Directly Actionable Tools
We don't waste time with chapters upon chapters you need to read to extract actionable insights. Each tool is easy to consume and easy to action
Prebaked success formulae
Have an existing issue? Struggling to delegate? Managing an underperformer? Our tools give you a step by step formula to dive in and solve your issues
Written by managers for managers
Theories in books are fantastic. But how do you action them? We've field tested these tools and they work

The Leader's Toolkit - 60+ No fluff, Actionable Manager Tools

I want this!